wh questions and I statements

IMG_0844IMG_4979Why am I doing this?

I can think of a few reasons off the top of my head that seem like good answers but I have no clue as to the big why of it. I have kept a  diary/journal since I was a child and have written regularly since age 14. This, however, is a different animal. An animal that feels very feral.  I would suppose that you, dear Reader, would be more inclined to engage here if the words within gave you something you are looking for. Perhaps, that is part of the answer to the question of Why.  Why am I doing this? Because I am a feral beast who has had her paw in a trap for far too long and I am about to gnaw my own foot off to free myself. And you, dear Reader, are invited to bear witness.


Who am I?

If I am anything, I am a Dancer. I am always dancing.

I am a wanderer on the path of Beauty.

I am a true Tree Hugger. I have always loved trees. They have given me so much. I am so immensely grateful to them.

I am Natures Child and I am Old Woman of the Woods, I find magic in the root and rot of the forest. As an image maker, I listen with my skin. I see without and within. This is where the image begins to begin. The images I make are a mirror that I hold up to the Mystery that is always revealing itself. Similarly, the images reveal themselves to the viewer and as a result the viewer is revealed.

I am a Singer. And I tell you that with a pain in my heart, Dear Reader, because despite  all of the songs I have sung, the choirs, the bands, the musical collaborations, the quiet times with my guitar, I have yet to find my true voice. I know that when I sing, I feel powerful. I feel natural. I want to post music here too. I am a bit of a perfectionist so  I am less inclined to post music offerings. We have a few songs in the works. I will keep you updated.

I love to draw. Fancy doodling I call it. It relaxes me. Its very much a meditation in the sense that I tend to not have many distracting thoughts while I am with pen in hand.

Photography is a relatively new form of self expression for me. I really enjoy it and am told I have a good eye. The natural world astounds me and gives me so much peace. I love to capture images that show my true respect and awe for natures beauty.


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