Stir the Soup, Season the Stew.

Hello Dear Reader. This weekend I agreed to join an experimental  performance of improvised music and possibly theatrics of some sort. I am excited and of course nervous about it. On one hand, I am more ready than ever to get back on stage, on the other hand, I have not sang on stage since before my vocal chord was damaged by the anesthesiologist during my gall bladder removal surgery. Apparently he nicked it during intubation, and Doc said my voice would never be the same. That in and of itself has been and continues to be, a journey of power reclaiming and anastasis. Sooooo, this is kind of a big step for me, dear Reader. Thank you for bearing witness. I have made some music with my Partner ( who shall from here on be referred to as BF). I have not wanted to share any of it. Even now I feel its not ready but I am putting it out there regardless. The vocals are all first take and not rehearsed. This is my favorite way of creating. Music that is chance driven. An imprint of the moment. A being more than a doing. Sooooo, that is why I am really super stoked to be joining this project that is scheduled to debut March 10! Exactly one moon from now!!

I am a singer at heart. When my second grade teacher posed the “what do you want to be when you grow up?” question to the class, my answer without hesitation was, “I want to be a singer!” And do you know what that woman had the nerve (and lack of sense) to tell me??? She told me that I could not pick singer as a profession and to pick something else. Even at that young age I knew that was BS! But I will admit to you dear Reader, that moment did have an impact on my very young psyche. Teachers have a big responsibility in this world. The ripples we all send out have an effect on everything. Children look to their teachers sometimes even more than their parents for validation and respect. But I digress. The truth of the matter is I am a Singer! (notice the use of capital S.) I am a Singer because I sing! And when I sing I feel strong and filled with energy! Powerful and full of life! Singing on stage, I am in my element. My soul is nourished and an essential me is expressed. So of course I said YES to this new project, even though I am scared as hell.

singerp.s. I am also playing bass on the track I shared above.

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