Birdsong and Rain

Photo create with Mirrored for iPhone & iPadDear Reader, I made some loops this weekend with the new looper but did not have the means to record it. I will share some of my practice audio as soon as I get a chance. I’ve been thinking and feeling about what I would like to do on stage. At this point, I do not feel nervous and I am ready to just have fun with it.

I have been listening to birdsong and rain all day. Have you ever heard of the Lyrebird? It is really a fascinating creature. I saw a video of it in full song and it was inspiring.  It got me thinking about voice and singing and how humans, animals and birds produce sound. Very interesting stuff. It got me thinking of all the vocal gymnastics I used to play with sometimes on stage but mostly alone at home (it gets kinda loud and weird). I thought of how I used to try and mimic Barbara Streisand’s amazing singing voice. I thought of my mother and the laryngeal cancer that ultimately took her voice away. She would still talk to us but no sound would come out. I tried to understand her as best I could. It was hard and sad.  I thought of the songs I used to sing as a child and teen and how singing made me feel so free and happy. I thought of how much less I have sung since my vocal cord was damaged. I really should be singing more than ever before. But I do not want to should on myself. Instead I will think of the wonderful projects that are in the works that will require me to give more and find more of my voice like the Tree Songs Project and the group that BF and I have going called Revel8her. And the upcoming gig! I think its time to really start summoning and seducing the muse. Sound samples to follow soon.

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