Loops and Bends, Spirals and Paisleys


Here is a sample loop, more to come during the week. Practicing for the show on March 10th at Mutiny in Chicago!

Hello again Reader. I have been following my thoughts tonight. All the way into the fractal. Through loops and bends, spirals and paisleys, never ending waves and branching trees into deeper and deeper breaths. And where the thought constricts or where I forget, I relax and a new pattern emerges. It carries the energy of its origin, a sort of stamp of remembrance, like ancestral DNA. Catching the wave, my original thought was this. Why do we complicate things? Or really it was ~ Why do I complicate things?

There are things I could find to say that may or may not sound intelligent at this point but I would rather tell you about something I noticed and felt while following this thought thru the fractal. I am healing myself. All the broken and complicated places are necessary, and true. They are the held breath, the dreamless sleep and the places where I am wounded that give form and flow to the fractal. They keep it in motion as it breaks and branches off. A creation that is the sum of all it’s parts, in its essence quite simple, yet in its embodiment a bursting of color from chaos that gives birth to new and confounding universes. There is no answer to this question, there is only acceptance and another breath that relaxes back into expansion.



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