Dream House


I am walking through the house. It feels good and I know it as my family home. Everything looks different, yet still familiar somehow. I am with my two sisters. We go down into the basement. There are several storage lockers with white painted barn type wooden doors. I notice something strange about one of the lockers. There are mud stains on the doors. “That mud was not there earlier” I say. “It looks like paw prints of a large dog or some animal”….   At that point I have a small moment of panic, wake inside the dream, notice I am awake dreaming then wake into waking reality.

Since having this dream a few nights ago, it seems I am floating in the space between. The image of the door has stayed with me. Lingering in the front of my brain as if it were projected there. The dream door imprinted on my waking eyes. It seems as  if the dream is informing the conscious world with the image of the door by placing it in both realms. Not sure if i explained that clearly dear Reader but it is actually a very interesting and expansive experience. I think perhaps this dream/ experience is part of healing and looking at my sleep paralysis and insomnia and general lack of sleep since I was a child.  I know for certain that getting those vibes resolved will be very important for me in my coming out of the cocoon party. Its all important. Everything is connected and there is magic and medicine in all of it.



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