Singer with a Capital S.

I have been sitting on this material that Allen and I created for a while now, dear Reader. I was certain the tracks we created were only seeds for songs and that they would grow and change as we refined them. As far as my vocal tracks go, all pieces are first take and improvised (with the exception of of an overdub in one song and a small edit in another.) Also, as I spoke of in the above video, I experienced a vocal chord injury during intubation for gall bladder removal surgery in September of 2016, so my voice is noticably weak in a few spots. (Four of the songs were recorded only 4 months after the injury.) So in my mind I really was not ready to put the recording “out there” any time soon.

Flash forward to March 2018. We add one more track to the collection and start to think about what needs to be done. Allen added some effects to my vocals because I was feeling less than confident and thought maybe I could hide behind the reverb a little. When I heard what changes he made with the effects it felt overstated or untrue in some way so we decided to take them off and go with the original vocal recordings. Now, it is NOW and I am planning on posting the Album later tonight. Its a big thing for me. I had to fall in love with the album and feel ok about putting it “out there.” It was a slow process. It was and is a reclaiming.  Thank you for bearing witness, dear Reader. I very much appreciate you.


A huge thanks to Rachel Elizabeth Dennis for the video and her great work in this collaborative creation journey that is still unfolding. I am honored to work with such an amazing artist.


You can now follow my band Revel8Her on Spotify



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